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Berg Lake - British Columbia, Canada | image by wboland

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Architects Try to Save a Tower in Moscow | Via

One of the great feats of 20th-century engineering, a landmark of modernist architecture is facing demolition. Late last month, the Russian State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting agreed to the dismantling of the Shabolovka radio tower in Moscow.

This is the Eiffel Tower of Russia, a 50-story conical structure of steel latticework, shaped roughly like a collapsing telescope, designed by the engineer Vladimir Shukhov. Commissioned by Lenin and completed in 1922, the tower was intended to spread the word of Communism through the new radio technology and to stand for the regime’s revolutionary ambition. 

Among the signatories to the petition are the architects Tadao Ando, Henry N. Cobb, Elizabeth Diller, Rem Koolhaas and Thom Mayne; the engineers Guy Nordenson and Leslie E. Robertson; and the Tate Museums director Nicholas Serota. The petition was written by Jean-Louis Cohen, the architectural historian, along with Richard Pare, the British photographer, both specialists in buildings and monuments of the Soviet era.


Man and Ground | Anna Pietrzak | Via

There is a constant presence in man’s life. The presence of ground

Ground is curved

Ground is fluid

Ground is surface

Ground receives man’s shadow

Ground receives man’s body.

Man knows ground through building Building is dialogue; a story that lives in work. Ground asks questions to building Building demands answers from ground

Architecture is language.


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those flying buttresses though.


Behind the Scenes: Restoring Union Station

An earthquake damaged Washington, D.C.’s world-famous train station in 2011. ARCHITECT toured the ongoing work to restore this American masterpiece.

"Inside Union Station, the gateway to the nation’s capital, scaffolding rises nine stories into the air. There, on the fourth and final staging level inside the train station, workers restore the ceiling of the Beaux-Arts masterpiece, designed by architect Daniel Burnham for Washington, D.C., in 1907. Architects and preservationists call this level the "dance floor."

At 90 feet up, close enough to touch the barrel-vaulted ceiling, Union Station shows its age. A 5.8-magnitude earthquake near Mineral, Va., in 2011 added fractures along the ceiling inside the station’s Main Hall and concourse. Those cracks extended to the 255 octagonal coffers as well as the more than 350 diamond and triangular coffers along the Main Hall’s ceiling. Upon close inspection, the gold-leaf gilding at the center of those coffers—a signature of Union Station—appeared to be flaking, peeling, and tarnishing.”

Read the full ARCHITECT article by Kriston Capps here.

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Bern, Switzerland (by Jan Geerk)


Zermatt, Switzerland by Roos van der Blom

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Sphinx Observatory, Switzerland


Architecture - Fiesch, Switzerland

©Pauline Fvr

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Josef Hoflehner
made in Japan, 2012-13


Peter Harnden - Costa Brava House - circa 1965

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